Undergraduate Researchers and Their Families at Commencement

The family of Justin Koeln and Professor Heng Ban

One of the real pleasures of Commencement is meeting the families of our sterling undergraduate researchers face to face. The family of Justin Koeln, who has been a remarkable leader of the Get Away Special Team and a Goldwater Scholar, traveled from their home in Maryland to be with Justin for Commencement and to meet faculty–like Dr. Heng Ban–who have been influential in his academic career.
I often get to know our students’ families through correspondence in which I spot in the news a “brag” story about the student, clip it, and send it to the family. I know from my own college experience that too often students don’t think to “take care of” their families in this way, that they don’t realize how proud their parents and other folks will be of their accomplishments. In my communicating to the families of our students, I am also tipping my hat to my own parents and thanking them for their investment in me.
Congratulations on graduation!

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