Alyssa Calder Named Peak Undergraduate Researcher of the Year

Annually, the USU Undergraduate Research Advisory Board (URAB) interviews the undergrad researchers of the year from each academic college and our Regional Campuses. These are always difficult decisions as each one is so good. Last night at the Robins Awards, the winner was revealed: Alyssa Calder, a biological engineering major, who works with Dr. David Britt. Alyssa’s research poster was awarded first place at the Intermountain Conference of the Institute of Biological Engineering in November, 2010. The title of the poster was “Single Step Silver Nanoparticle Synthesis Using Pluronic© F-127 in a Thermo-reversible Gel to Overcome Antibiotic Resistance.” The goal of this research is to develop a gel to protect burn victims from bacterial infections. Alyssa has presented at the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research and at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Alyssa is a member of the Society of Women Engineers and is actively involved with the Outreach Committee. This Committee develops and delivers engineering activities to both elementary school youth and high school youth to increase their interest in engineering. Alyssa is a remarkable academic scholar with outstanding research productivity as an undergraduate and tremendous research potential.

Alyssa Calder, Peak Undergraduate Researcher of the Year, with Joyce Kinkead and Ron Sims, Head of Biological Engineering

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