Here I am at 35000 feet and i have my iPad fired up on the plane. Loving it much better than my apple MacBook for flight as it is easy to move around and does not take up so much space.

Been using the Blackboard iPad App to check in on my course and correspond with students etc. what a fantastic app. This app released on the day the iPad was released is very slick and polished.
Everyone I show it too goes gaga over it. Bb has doneq an excellent job on it. I found a couple of bugs with it. i do not like how it renders item pages you create with the vibe editor. It is like one bug run on sentence. Also the textbook page you add is all xml gibberish on the app. however the layout for course content, syllabus etc rocks, as does the discussions and announcements area.

This is a really cool apo getting ready to be taken to the next level.
none of my students have an iPad at I am aware of yet.

Well, back to working on my class

The App is working much faster than trying to log directly into Bb 9.1 is on the plane.