Recruiting food stamp recipients

Hi everyone!

I would like to know what everyone is doing to get food stamp recipients as clients? They seem to be the hardest to get to class!

Thanks in advance for the info!
Michelle Russell
Tooele County


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  1. Mary Anna Henke says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I find that they are the hardest to get to come also, so I find places that where they are more likely to be at to teach group classes. Doing this I also get those who are not on food stamps there to. I teach a class once a month at Central Utah Mental Health; Delta Sands Apartment, and Mt. Catherine Manor-These are both housing complexes in Millard County that are only for Low income, elderly, or the handicapped. I teach at head Start parents meeting once or twice a year depending on what they want. I also teach on the Kanosh Paiute Indian Reservation. Currently I have one food stamp client who requested the classes. I have turned these into group classes and asked her to invite her friends and I send out letters to the work force referrals. I am also trying to call the referral list and invite them to the classes held at the Sands and at Mt. Catherine. I have found that they attend better if they don’t feel like they are targeted as being low income. If you invite the community or those around they will come. I also do a demostration at the food bank every once in a while, and use it to advertize the group classes.


  2. Laurie Bates says:

    It is hard to get people some times but, I have just called the list from Department of workforce services that we get before any demonstrations or classes I have to invite them. Also put your classes in places like 7-11 stores, launder mats, apartment buildings, find your low income apartments in Tooele, I heard you had some there and put a flyer around to each apartment saying your doing a lesson in the kitchen or community room that they have there and come to them instead. I have two in Nephi that I do lessons with each month we have been doing the viva vegetable and making a recipe off the flyer. Good luck.


  3. Laurie Bates says:

    Doing the low income apartments makes it easier for them to attend because of transportation problems and they feel like they are not alone. We all feel this way from time to time that is why this blog is such a wonderful idea, You are not alone we are here for all of you.


  4. Mary Anna Henke says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Here is the letter that I send out to the workforce referrals. I also include the most current poster of the classes that I am teaching.


    My name is Mary Anna Henke. I am the Nutrition Education Assistant for Millard County. I work through Utah State University. I am currently offering Free classes on Nutritious Eating on a Budget. The curriculum I will be teaching is called, Loving Your Family Feeding Their Future. This curriculum is geared for families with children 2-18 years of age. It has many wonderful ideas to help busy families cook easy, quick, and tasty meals that your whole family will love; Get your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables and like them; Stretch your food dollars; Get your family to be more physically active and have fun. This is a wonderful resource and the classes are FREE!

    Currently, I am enrolling participants for classes. To enroll please contact the Extension Office at 864-1480 or 743-5412. The classes will be held at the Delta Extension activity room, 83South Manzanita Ave. Please see the enclosed flyer for the date and time of the classes. There will be materials in Spanish, also. You are welcome to sign up with a friend or other family members.


    Mary Anna Henke

    In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture’s policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, political beliefs or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250 or call (202) 720-5964 (voice and TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. This material was funded by USDA’s Food Stamp Program. The Food Stamp Program provides nutrition assistance to people with low income. It can help you buy nutritious foods for a better diet. To find out more, call 1-800-221-5689 or visit online at

    This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer


  5. Melinda Pebbles says:

    I have used the flyers from the web site, but I have also made my own. I try to mix it up to keep interest in the community. Marilyn also makes a bookmark with a list of our public classes in Weber county and we distribute them throughout the community as well as leave them at the locations we teach. We also just got approval from Head start to send the Bookmarks home with each child. We should get approx. 300 bookmarks out to the parents by doing this. Hope this helps!!


  6. Michelle Russell says:

    I’m wondering how everyone contacts the food stamp recipients? Letters, phone? Is there a quick way to get the names into a form letter? I have had our secretary working on it for a while, but she is very busy and hasn’t had much luck getting it done. Any ideas?

    Thanks! :)


  7. Laurie Bates says:

    The old fashion way of the phone really is the best for me anyway.
    We have sent letters to church leaders and Enrichment leaders to let them know we are here. We have done a generic letter with no names on it and then just do labels for the address. Have also done postcards before which I liked but, the response is very small on letters or postcards. Seems like they put it aside and forget about it. Whereas the phone you are there with them and you can make an appointment right then with some cancelation but, not to many.


  8. Diane Short says:

    Tha;nk you all for your ideas. My copy from WFS does not include the phone numbers for the clients. I also find that the telephone works for me so you can get them to commit.
    Diane Short
    Davis County

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